Ran Destiny Full Episode 4 Mix Ep8

Ran Destiny Private Server | Skill up to level:300 | Skill 7 - 300 for Mix Class and 7 to 245 for Normal Class| 300 Max Reborn | New character with skill | Fast Reborn High exp, Item and Gold Drops | Cabal Osmium mobs drop | skateboard mobs drop and more
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 Full Client of RAN DESTINY [ Episode 4 mix Episode 5 ]

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PostSubject: Full Client of RAN DESTINY [ Episode 4 mix Episode 5 ]   Thu Apr 03, 2008 4:12 am

WinRAR Download
Download and Install this software in order to Extract Ran Destiny.rar or
to extract the Ran Destiny Full client.
Friday, April 16, 2010

Ran Destiny EP X Client Download
Download here the Latest Client
Friday, April 16, 2010

Latest Patch of Ran Destiny
Download here the Latest Patch of Ran Destiny

----------------------------------------------------- oOo -----------------------------------------------------

Click below link to register IN GAME


To start the game, simply open ran client folder and double click LAUNCHER.EXE

Note: (Award awaits you)

Skill Both Normal Class and Mix Class level 7 to Level 300

*Skill Book or Scroll drop by mobs in Jail`s Map. Enjoy hunting ^_^
*New Weapon can be loot at Saint Map.
*Tri Colored Weapon can be found also in Saint Map.
*and explore more ... more weapon and armor mobs drop.
*shibuya drop rare weapon like ep8 and ep9 weapon, also faint honor ...
*war zone drop bundle of refines (lux. and fburr and more refines)
*Gold Hole Passage map visit this passage makes u billionaire !!!
*Jail room (fast lvl up) boost your lvl to the max ...
*Boss room like (thunder, fire, poison ...) you can loot cabal set and utraman set
*After Club war .... MTD award spawn it may drop gold reward, refines, weapon and armor....
*higher skill, you can buy the scroll at NPC like 237, 247 ....
*Free Mix Class scroll for Aura, added 1000 HP increase ....
wan't to learn more what's inside ... join us and enjoy the game.....

Feedback is very much appreciated.

If you have a problem on "how to" pls feel free to pm your admin.

Good luck and Thank you,
- Ran destiny admin

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Full Client of RAN DESTINY [ Episode 4 mix Episode 5 ]
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